Mullahs propagate lies in the face of Maryam Rajavi's victorious trip and new phase of Iranian Resistance's activities

Referring to the false fabrications of Tehran's clerical regime today claiming that Mrs. Maryam Rajavi "was compelled to leave France and has been asked to never return to that country," Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, said the false propaganda reveals the mullahs' desperation and fear of the impact of the journey of the Iranian Resistance's President-elect and her presence among the combatants of the National Liberation Army of Iran near the Iranian frontiers.

Mr. Rajavi added: Several months after the beginning of Mrs. Rajavi's journey and 1.5 months after the public announcement of her presence in the border region, the regime's media raise this ballyhoo following the extensive wave of social uprisings and activities of the Resistance fighters inside Iran, particularly in the provinces of Kermanshah, Ilam and Khuzistan, which have inflicted heavy casualties on the mullahs' agents of repression.

Over the past month, the mullahs have experienced the pervasive impact of the journey of the Iranian Resistance's President-elect on 70 million Iranians, and learned the meaning of the new phase of the Resistance's activities inside Iran. Therefore, they have hastily taken recourse in issuing dozens of statements and disseminating hundreds of stories about clashes all across the western provinces and the murder of Mojahedin and their sympathizers. Now, in the conclusion of such ill-fated attempts, they have suddenly made a preposterous discovery that perhaps France had "expelled" Mrs. Rajavi months ago!

Mrs. Rajavi's journey took place following the interim session of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Paris on October 6 to 8, believing that "the absolute majority of the Iranian people support the democratic alternative and its President-elect." This conviction was later proved by the demonstrations and popular protests in Iran and by the major gatherings of Iranians in other countries.

In its statement on the outcomes of the interim session, the National Council of Resistance emphasized the "final phase of the rule of the mullahs' regime" and "the beginning of a new phase in the Resistance movement."

The NCR President declared that contrary to the falsities propagated by the mullahs' regime, the government of France has never asked Mrs. Rajavi to leave that country. Her right to political asylum in France remains intact and according to the Constitution of that country and its laws on asylum, there are no justifications which could prevent Mrs. Rajavi's residence in France. Nevertheless, the choice of the location of her headquarters of activities remains exclusive to Mrs. Rajavi who decides according to the highest interests of the Iranian people and Resistance, a matter which does not bear any relevance to other governments or parties.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
January 20, 1997

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