Trial at 7th branch of Criminal Tribunal of Istanbul:
NCR welcomes conviction of mullahs' Intelligence Ministry agent for complicity in murder of Resistance activists

The Criminal Tribunal of Istanbul today convicted an Iranian Intelligence Ministry agent for complicity in the murder of Mrs. Zahra Rajabi, a leading member of the National Council of Resistance, and Mr. Ali Moradi, a sympathizer of the movement, sentencing Reza Barzegar Massoumi to 33 years and 4 months imprisonment.

The victims were gunned down on February 20, 1996, in an apartment in Istanbul, by a hit squad dispatched from Tehran several days earlier. The mullahs' consular secretary, Mohsen Kargar Azad, commanded the hit squad. Kargar Azad and three other embassy staff were expelled on April 11 from Turkey as persona non-grata.

After the great scandals in Geneva, Paris, Rome and Berlin, this the fifth country where the agents of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship are tried and punished by the judiciary.

The National Council of Resistance welcomes the decision by the Criminal Tribunal of Istanbul. The verdict comes in the wake of worldwide expressions of concern by many personalities, parliamentarians, human rights organizations, jurists associations, and supporters of the Iranian Resistance over the mullah regime's extensive efforts to influence the verdict of the Court.

The Iranian Resistance calls for the continuation of investigations and the prosecution of all members of the team of assassins, including the agents of the Intelligence and Foreign ministries now in Tehran, as well as the leaders of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship. As it was clearly revealed by the Federal Prosecutor of Germany during the Mykonos trial in Berlin, orders for the assassination of Iranian dissidents in exile are issued by the highest officials of this regime who directly oversee all the stages of these terrorist operations.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
January 24, 1997

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