Mullahs fear spread of activities by Resistance's forces and supporters on eve of anti-monarchic revolution anniversary

Fearing the continuation and expansion of the activities of the Mojahedin and the popular Resistance forces inside Iran on the eve of theanniversary of the anti-monarchic revolution, the regime's National Security Council held a meeting on Tuesday.

In the meeting, Ali Mohammad Besharati, the mullahs' Interior Minister, expressed his grave concern and that of senior regime officials over the activities of the Mojahedin inside the country which has met enthusiastic pubic support.

Special suppressive measures were approved in this meeting, also attended by the Head of the Judiciary and commanders of the regime's military, security and intelligence forces.

In recent weeks, extensive clashes have occurred between the Mojahedin and the popular Resistance forces on the one hand and the Pasdaran (the Revolutionary Guards Corps) on the other in the country's northern, western and southwestern regions, leaving hundreds of Pasdaran and security forces killed or wounded.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
February 6, 1997

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