Massoud Rajavi: Mullahs' reign has reached end of line, Iranian Resistance has entered phase of regime's overthrow

In a radio-television satellite broadcast into Iran, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, congratulated the Iranian people on the 18th anniversary of the anti-monarchic revolution. He stressed: Happily, despite all the hardship and suffering during the past 17 years, the NCR and the National Liberation Army of Iran (NLA) overcame all the conspiracies and sealed a proud future in the name of the Iranian people and their righteous Resistance.

Referring to the record of the mullahs ruling Iran during the past year, Mr. Rajavi said: In our country 15 million people are unemployed, three to four million are addicts and 25 million are homeless. The mullahs have plundered some 300 billion dollars of Iran's oil wealth.

The NCR President added: Unable to resolve the most trivial of problems at home, the clerical regime has found its only recourse in stepped up repression and the export of terrorism. In 1996, at least 32 dissidents were assassinated abroad, representing a 200% increase relative to 1995. During the mullahs' rule, at least 370 people have either been killed or wounded in some 160 terrorist operations in 21 countries, 70% of which occurred during Rafsanjani's tenure.

Mr. Rajavi said: Although human rights advocates and parliament deputies on the international scene have condemned the regime's terrorism and threats against foreign nationals, governments and those with vested economic interests have prevented the adoption of necessary actions vis-a-vis the mullahs' state-sponsored terrorism. The bankrupt so-called critical dialogue policy has been greatly exploited by the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.

In another part of his message, Mr. Rajavi said: In addition to the adoption of scores of repressive laws by the regime's Majlis, last year, the clerical regime staged an average of one military exercise every week to defend the cities. In the first eight months of 1375 (March-October 1996), it arrested 55,000 people on the bogus charge of drug trafficking. The number of publicly announced executions in 1996 increased 200% relative to the preceding year.

Mr. Rajavi stressed: From a political, social and economic stand point, the clerical regime is reaching the end of the line. Khomeini's heirs, who took advantage of the regional situation and the windfall from the Kuwaiti crisis to buy themselves some time, are entering the final phase of their bloody religious theocracy's life. The inevitable elimination of Rafsanjani as head of the executive branch means they face a difficult process of amputation. In reality, all that remains for Khomeini's heirs of his power is the rule of a limited number of mullahs who do not in any away enjoy their previous power base. This utterly corrupt band, which centers around Khamenei and his clique, is dependent on a specific ravaging band in the bazaar. Even within the regime, it is dependent on the Ministry of Intelligence, which has become an autocratic power within the regime.

The NCR President said: Last year, in an unprecedented manner, the NCR established itself as the sole viable alternative for the faltering mullahs' regime, both among our compatriots and within the international community. Doubtless, the trips by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect, to Norway and the United Kingdom, her numerous meetings with political personalities, her interviews with the mass media, as well as her enlightening speeches, including the one before 25,000 Iranians at London's Earls Court, about the Resistance's objectives and the prospects for an Iran free from the bloody clutches of the mullahs, played a decisive role in endowing the NCR with its current stature.

Mr. Rajavi stressed: Thanks to the National Liberation Army of Iran and the support of our compatriots in and out of Iran, the Iranian Resistance enjoys vast political and military prowess. The ruling mullahs have never submitted to the people's vote, will or their free choice, nor do they understand any language other than force. Hence, their regime shall and must be overthrown by the NLA.

In concluding his message, the NCR President said: As we move towards Iran's freedom, the chains shall break asunder and the dawn of victory shine upon us. Let grieving Iran, this most beautiful nation, overcome her grief and abound in liberty and justice. In this, the only path to attain victory, freedom and popular sovereignty, the support, solidarity and prayers of each and every one of you dear ones and all of our compatriots across the country are greatly valued and necessary.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
February 10, 1997

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