State of emergency at Tehran's Refinery and widespread arrests of oil workers continue

According to reports from Iran, the Security Forces are still stationed at Tehran's refinery following the demonstration staged by oil workers who went on strike last Sunday.

The Security Forces of Shahr-e Ray have been stationed at the refinery since Saturday night and are on full alert. The Security Forces control all the streets and avenues in this area. Col. Salek, Commander of intelligence of Shahr-e Ray's Security Forces and his assistant, Col. Abdollahi, submit situation reports every several hours to the General Command of the Security Forces.

The security division of Tehran's oil refinery, affiliated with the Intelligence Ministry, has submitted several written reports to the office of Ali Khamenei, the mullahs' leader, briefing him about the latest developments. At the same time, the security division has passed the list of Sunday's absentees to the Ministry of Intelligence and arrests of listed workers continue.

Other reports indicate that the workers who took part in Sunday's demonstratoin have been generally arrested. They were called into the Oil Ministry building for negotiations, but were subsequently forced into the parking lot. All of them were readily arrested, put on the bus and taken away.

Workers from various divisions of the National Iranian Oil Company took part in the demonstration. Some had come from other cities. Leaders of workers' syndicates and some of the best workers of the refinery with 30 years of experience are among those arrested. Twenty-eight workers have been arrested from one working shift of Tehran Refinery's operations division, alone.

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance, appealed to international human rights organizations for urgent action to free and save the lives of the imprisoned oil workers.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
February 18, 1997

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