European Parliament condemned violations of human rights in Iran and terrorist attack on January 8 against Mojahedin in Baghdad

The European Parliament adopted a resolution today condemning the Khomeini regime for attacking the Mojahedin's office in Baghdad on January 8 with 320mm super mortars and described the assault as "an act of extraterritorial terrorism."

The European Parliament condemned "the repeated violations of human rights in Iran" and expressed concern about "the high number of executions" in that country.

In reference to the interview by the B.B.C. Farsi service with one of the Mojahedin prisoners, the resolution deplored "the broadcasting of so-called confessions of political detainees in violation of international conventions". The B.B.C. radio broadcast the so-called confessions of a tortured prisoner in an appalling interview with him on January 8, which outraged the people of Iran and freedom lovers all across the world.

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the President of the National Council of Resistance, described the decisive and unanimous vote of the representatives of hundreds of millions of people in Europe as indicative of the illegitimacy of the mullahs' regime on the international level. Mr. Rajavi added: The EP resolution once again proved the need for the rejection of the failed policy of "critical dialogue". The NCR President lauded the courageous decision by representatives of the people of Europe and called for an oil and arms embargo of the mullahs' dictatorship by the European governments.

Members of the European Parliament also condemned "the continuing discrimination against women in Iran", "the recent widespread arrests" of people during recent demonstrations throughout the country and "torture of prisoners of conscience", "the outlawing of oil workers' organizations", the fatwa against the British author Salman Rushdie, and "the arrest of Iranian writer Faraj Sarkuhi".

The European Parliament also expressed deep concern about "the threats made against the judicial officials of [Germany] which has accused the leaders of the Iranian regime of direct involvement in the assassinations of Iranian opponents in exile", and called on "the Council and the member states to increase diplomatic pressure" on the mullahs and "to discuss with the European Parliament the policy of critical dialogue" with the Iranian regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
February 20, 1997

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