Fearing rising Resistance, mullahs adopt new suppressive measures

The Khomeini regime's press published a new series of regulations in the past days, imposing new restrictions on women and their clothing. The regulations were issued and announced by Ghoddoussi center on judicial affairs.

According to the announcement, women who wear two piece suits, either with pants or with skirts, are subject to penal prosecution. Use of bright colors, and any use of signs or pictures on clothes are banned.

A few days earlier, Guards Corps Brigadier Rahim Safavi, deputy general commander of the Guards Corps, made reference to the Iranian Resistance's satellite program and its presence on the Internet, and announced that "cultural offensive" via satellite and computer networks "could turn into a security threat" for the regime.

The criminal mullahs thus intend to step up repression and slaughter of the Iranian people, particularly women, to confront the spreading wave of social uprisings and the people's increasing support for the Resistance.

The people of Iran, however, will stand up to these inhuman rules and regulations, and will respond with decisiveness to the defamation of the honorable women of Iran by the mullahs and their guards. The criminal mullahs will not gain anything from these cowardly measures.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
February 22, 1997

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