Massoud Rajavi: Mykonos trial verdict affirms need for economic, diplomatic boycott of mullahs' regime

Following a Berlin court's verdict, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said: For years there was little doubt about the role of leaders of the mullahs' bloody regime in terrorism. Now, for the first time a court in Europe has confirmed the role of Khamenei and Rafsanjani , the political leadership of the mullahs' regime as the main sponsors of state terrorism .

There is therefore no justification whatsoever to continue the policy of critical dialogue and to appease this regime. The European Union should move immediately to sever its ties with the Iranian regime and impose trade sanctions on it, the NCR President added.

The court in Berlin sentenced this morning on the basis of a mass of undeniable evidence four of the clerical regime's terrorists, including Kazem Darabi, an Iranian intelligence agent, to long-term imprisonment for killing four Iranian dissidents in September 1992. The verdict also affirmed the direct role of Khamenei the leader of the mullahs' regime and its president Rafsanjani in planning and supervising the assassinations.

Noting that the assassination of dissidents abroad had risen four-fold in 1996 relative to the past year, Mr. Rajavi said that the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran was on its way to collapse and unable to confront the growing Resistance of the people. It has thus found the only recourse in stepping up suppression and the export of terrorism.

The NCR President warned that in the absence of a decisive international policy, Iran's rulers would be emboldened to shed even more blood. He welcomed German Judiciary's independence of action in the face of the mullahs' blackmail and pressure by those circles who viewed the regime's condemnation as being contrary to their economic interests.

Mr. Rajavi stressed: This is not the only case of state-sponsored terrorism by the Iranian regime. The mullahs' hit-squads have targeted scores of other dissidents and activists of the Resistance in European capitals. Regrettably, economic and political considerations at the expense of sacrificing inalienable principles of human rights and international law by a number of governments has prevented the murderers from facing justice.

Citing the assassination of Professor Kazem Rajavi, the NCR representative, who was assassinated in April 1990 by 13 terrorists dispatched from Tehran, Mr. Rajavi called on the United Nations Security Council to force the Iranian regime to return two of the terrorists to face the court in Switzerland. France returned these two terrorist to Tehran in December 1993, .

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 10, 1997

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