Maryam Rajavi : End 'Critical Dialogue' And Trade With The Mullahs

Following Berlin Court's verdict today, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-Elect, said, "the verdict is the pronouncement of the international illegitimacy of the mullahs ruling Iran who have so far been condemned 39 times by the United Nations Organisation for their savage violation of human rights and for having executed more than 100,000 political prisoners."

She stressed, "the exportation of terrorism and fundamentalism is an inherent quality of the illegitimate religious dictatorship ruling Iran which, in its final phase and due to its hopelessness and desperation against the just Resistance of the Iranian people, will re-intensify. Thus, support for peace and stability in the Middle East region and prevention of the mullahs' exportation of state-terrorism, necessitates it for the UN Security Council to determine upon the boycott of this regime."

Mrs Rajavi added, "the people and Resistance of Iran will undoubtedly overthrow the clerical regime and we only tell the international parties to condemn terrorism and suppression; to stop trade with the regime; and to end the 'critical dialogue' with this regime."

National Council of Resistance of Iran Secretariat - Paris
10 April 1997

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