Mr Rajavi: German Government And EU Measures, Though Necessary, Not Sufficient

Mr Masoud Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance movement's Leader, while greeting Germany's suspension of the 'critical dialogue' with the mullahs' regime and re-call of EU diplomatic representatives from Iran, stated, "while these measures are necessary, they in no way correspond to the dimensions of Khomeini regime's crimes."

Mr Rajavi added, "while the Berlin court has presented the regime's leader, Khamenei, and its president, Rafsanjani, as those who 'ordered the murders', the time has come for the EU to immediately sever all its economic and diplomatic ties with this terrorist-religious dictatorship; this is the only option to keep a tight rein on the mullahs' unbridled terrorism."

Mr Rajavi described the expulsion of German diplomats and the re-call of the mullahs' ambassador in Bonn by Khomeini's regime as a forward-escape by the regime and also its means of re-testing the resolve of European governments; this gives a higher impetus and urgency to the severance of Europe's economic and diplomatic links with the regime.

NCRI Secretariat - Paris
10 April 1997

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