Iranians In Berlin Call For Annulment Of 'Critical Dialogue',
Firm Action Against The Mullahs' Regime

While the Berlin Court was issuing its verdict this morning, a rally was held by 2,000 Iranians residing in Berlin in front of the courthouse. A number of German Federal and State parliamentarians as well as chairpersons of various Committees of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) addressed the gathering which had been called by the NCRI Representative Office in Germany.

The Berlin Court issued a verdict which while condemning the clerical regime's 4 terrorists who had murdered four Iranian opponents in Berlin's Mykonos Restaurant in September 1992, underlined the direct roles played by Khamenei and Rafsanjani, the leader and president of the religious-terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.

A statement read out at the gathering quoted the NCRI Chairman, Mr Masoud Rajavi, as having said, "following the Berlin Court's verdict, there are no reasons remaining to continue a relationship with the regime." He called for a boycott of the regime and trial of its leaders in an international tribunal for their crimes against humanity both inside and outside Iran.

Mrs Ingrid Holzhuter, a representative of the Federal Parliament, called upon the international community to put an end to appeasing behaviour towards Tehran's mullahs and to extend recognition to the Iranian Resistance and their President, Mrs Maryam Rajavi. Mrs Holzhuter stressed that the Resistance is in possession of the key for political and military change and that the future of Iran is in the hands of the Iranian people and Resistance.

Other speakers at the rally, including Mrs Zohreh Akhyani, NCRI Representative in Germany, and Mr Mohammad Reza Rohani, Chair of the NCRI Minorities' Affairs Committee, congratulated the participants for the great victory and explicated the consequences of the condemnation. They also called for the closure of the regime's embassy and representative offices in Germany.

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