Iranian Resistance deplores German Foreign Minister's remarks on need for dialogue with mullahs

The National Council of Resistance of Iran deplores yesterday's remarks by the German Foreign Minister Mr. Klaus Kinkel on the need to maintain dialogue and ties with Iran's terrorist rulers.

The NCR has repeatedly stated that such comments would only embolden the clerics to continue their crimes, leading them to conclude that they can still make the western countries the scene of their terrorist onslaughts.

How can Germany's Foreign Minister speak of dialogue with a regime whose leader, president, and foreign and intelligence ministers were singled out by a German court as being responsible for the murder of four Iranian dissidents in Berlin? This is a blatant snub to all democratic values and undermines the credibility of Germany's judicial system.

If those who speak of the significance of relations with "an important country" are thinking of the Iranian people, then the latter despise such relations because they run counter to their interests. But if they have Iran's rulers in mind, then they ought to distinguish between the Iranian people and nation on the one hand and the criminal mullahs on the other. Instead, they should speak of the necessity of dialogue with "important terrorists."

It is time dialogue and ties with the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran be halted for ever and the leaders of this regime face an international tribunal for their crimes against humanity.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 21, 1997

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