Iranian Resistance urges reopening of Vienna assassination case and closure of mullahs' embassy in Austria

The National Council of Resistance of Iran expresses outrage at the escape of the Khomeini regime's terrorists who murdered three Iranian Kurdish dissidents in 1989 in Vienna.

The NCR urges the Austrian government and judiciary to reopen the case and legally pursue those who ordered and perpetrated this crime. Moreover, it demands the closure of the regime's embassy in Austria to which this murder can be traced and hand over the mullahs' diplomat-terrorists to the Austrian judiciary.

Immediately after the Vienna killings, the Iranian Resistance revealed that the commander of this terrorist operation, Mohammad-Jafar Sahraroudi, was at the time the commander of the Guards Corps Ramazan garrison. He had been wounded during assassination attempt and arrested by the police afterwards. Instead of facing justice, however, he was quickly released and sent back to Iran.

Sahraroudi has since been promoted to the rank of major general and heads the Guards Corps' Intelligence Directorate. Two of the murderers were given sanctuary in the regime's embassy and later returned to Iran as Austria turned a blind eye on the incident.

According to comments by former official who held an important post in the Austrian Foreign Ministry at the time of the assassination, and on the basis of reports by the mass media, the government of Austria kowtowed to the threats by the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship in the hope of lucrative business deals, including arms sales to the regime. It prevented the pursuit of the murderers and paved the way for their escape.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 21, 1997

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