Rajavi condemns Dutch Foreign Minister's backing for policy of critical dialogue

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, condemned the remarks by Foreign Minister of the Netherlands, Mr. Hans van Mierlo, that critical dialogue would continue. (AFP, April 24, 1997) Mr. Rajavi said these remarks would outrage the Iranian people.

Mr. Rajavi said: This position runs counter to the stances of the representatives of the people of the Netherlands in rejecting the policy of critical dialogue. It will only convey to the criminal mullahs the message that threats and terrorism could effectively be used to blackmail Europe, and that the clerics had free reins, while being mollified and appeased by their European trade partners, to export terror and murder to European territory with impunity.

On the anniversary of the April 24, 1990 assassination in Geneva of his brother, Prof. Kazem Rajavi by terrorists dispatched from Tehran, Mr. Rajavi added: In the years since Europe has been busy appeasing and placating the mullahs under the pretext of critical dialogue, the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran has steadily intensified the export of state terrorism and fundamentalism, dramatically stepped up arrests and public executions, and brutally suppressed demonstrations, protests and strikes in Iran.

The NCR President said: Indeed, how many thousands more must be executed in Iran and how many hundreds more assassinated abroad by Tehran's terrorists, before the European Union and the Netherlands are convinced that the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran was not prone to engage in any civilized dialogue, and that it understood only the language of force and firmness. Any form of relations with and appeasement of this regime will help it evade punishment and encourage the mullahs' terrorism.

Mr. Rajavi stressed: 70 million Iranians are simply telling the European Union that it must abandon the policy of critical dialogue for ever. Practically speaking, this policy is tantamount to mollifying and paving the way for the medieval mullahs and emboldening them to continue and step up the suppression of and terrorism against the people of Iran. This will only prolong the reign of the criminals ruling Iran. We therefore demand that diplomatic and trade ties with the mullahs be ended, their state-sponsored terrorism be referred to the U.N. Security Council, and other files on assassinations in European capitals involving this regime be reopened.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 25, 1997

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