Luxemburg: At NCRI rally, 4,000 Iranians called for the severance of commercial and diplomatic ties with the mullahs' regime

Simultaneous with the EU Foreign Ministers' meeting this morning, 4,000 Iranians from various European countries who were representing hundreds of thousands of Iranians residing in Europe gathered in front of the EU Headquarters in Luxemburg.

Supporting the NCRI President's demands in a letter to EU Foreign Ministers, the demonstrators issued a resolution calling on the European Union to sever their commercial and diplomatic ties with the terrorist-religious dictatorship and recognize the right of the Iranian people to resist the regime by adopting a resolute policy vis-a-vis Teheran.

Mr Jean Spatz, Speaker of Luxemburg Parliament, Mrs Lydie Err, Chair of Foreign Commission of Luxemburg Parliament, and Mrs Ingrid Holzhuter, a representative from German Federal Parliament, as well as a group of other European dignitaries declared their solidarity with the demonstrators and their demands by participating in the rally.

Scores of journalists from various nations' news, radio, television and newspaper media attended the rally and dispatched reports on the gathering attended by a group of NCRI Pepresentatives in different countries and Chairpersons of various NCRI Committees. The demonstration is continuing.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 29, 1997

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