Mr Rajavi Welcomes Today's Decision By EU

The Leader of the Iranian Resistance Mr Rajavi has welcome today's European Union's decision regarding the religious-terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran and described it as a reflection of European Conscience vis-a-vis suppression, terrorism, appeasement and "Critical Dialogue" with the blood-thirsty regime of mullahs.

Mr Rajavi expressed satisfaction about the EU inviting Eastern and Central European states to adopt similar positions to the EU decisions concerning the Iranian regime. Mr Rajavi added the decisions are worthy of being accepted and adhered to by all countries of the world vis-a-vis Khomeini's regime.

Mr Rajavi declared: However, today's decisions by the EU are in no way either sufficient or in correspondence with the dimensions of the crimes of the clerical regime; a regime which has executed more than 100,000 people and murdered hundreds more outside Iran. The experience of two decades has proven that the mullahs understand no language but the language of firmness; thus, the time has come for the commercial boycott and breaking off of relations with the regime and referring its state-terrorism to the UN Security Council as well as for re-opening of the dormant files relating to the regime's terrorist crimes including the assassinations of Prof Kazem Rajavi in Switzerland and Mr Mohammad Hossein Naghdi in Italy.

4,000 Iranian from various European countries who were representing hundreds of thousands of Iranians residing in Europe gathered outside the European Union Headquarters in Luxemburg this morning; they announced their support for the Leader of the Iranian Resistance who had called for a commercial boycott and breaking off of relations with the Iranian regime.

A delegation from the National Council of Resistance of Iran met with representatives of the EU Presidency at its Headquarters and presented them with Mr Rajavi's letter to the EU Foreign Ministers as well as the rally's resolution.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 29, 1997

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