Simultaneous with EU Foreign Ministers' meeting, over 4,000 Iranians call for severance of ties with mullahs' regime

Simultaneous with the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union in Luxembourg, more than 4,000 Iranians demonstrated in front of the EU headquarters. While declaring support for the stance of the President of the National Council of Resistance, the demonstrators called on the EU to abandon the policy of critical dialogue and break all diplomatic and trade ties with the mullahs' regime.

An NCR delegation headed by Ms. Fereshteh Yeganeh, the Council's Secretary General; and including Mmes. Zohreh Akhyani and Beheshteh Shadrou, NCR representatives in Germany and Britain; and Zahra Rezaii, a renowned political figure, six of whose children have been executed or killed by the dictatorships of the shah and Khomeini; Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the NCR Foreign Affairs Committee; Dr. Saleh Rajavi and Mr. Parviz Khaza'i, the NCR representatives in France and Switzerland, and in Nordic countries; as well as Ayatollah Jalal Ganje'i, Chair of the NCR Committee on Freedom of Religions, met at the EU headquarters with representatives of the presidency of the European Union and presented them with the NCR President's letter to the Foreign Ministers and the resolution of the Iranian demonstration. The representatives of the EU presidency expressed sympathy with the people of Iran and promised to convey the demands of the Iranian Resistance to the EU presidency.

A number of parliamentarians and political dignitaries from Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium took part in the demonstration and stated support for the demands of the Iranian Resistance.

Upon the announcement of the EU declaration, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the Iranian Resistance's President-elect, commented: The decisions of the European Union indicate the veracity of the positions of the Iranian Resistance. She declared that the Iranian Resistance would relentlessly continue its efforts to expose and isolate Iran's ruling theocracy.

Welcoming the EU's decisions, the NCR President Massoud Rajavi said: Today's decisions by the European Union are insufficient and in no way reflect the scale of the mullahs' crimes. They are merely a reflection of the conscience of Europe in the face of the suppression and terrorism of the clerical regime and against the politics of appeasement and critical dialogue with a blood-thirsty regime which has executed 100,000 Mojahedin and other political prisoners in Iran and assassinated hundreds abroad.

The NCR President stressed: The EU must impose a trade embargo on the mullahs' anti-human regime, break all ties with it, and refer its state-terrorism to the U.N. Security Council. Mr. Rajavi further called for the reopening of the dormant files of the regime's terrorist crimes, including the assassination of Prof. Kazem Rajavi in Switzerland and Mohammad Hossein Naghdi in Italy.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
April 30, 1997

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