Rajavi: EU decision to suspend return of ambassadors to Tehran, a necessary response to impudence by Khamenei and Velayati

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, described today the position by Dutch Foreign Minister Hans van Mierlo, President of EU Council of Ministers, to suspend the return of the EU ambassadors to Tehran, a very necessary and laudable response to the impudence of Khamenei and Velayati.

He stressed: Firmness is the only way for the international community to confront the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.

Mr. Rajavi continued: The extremely brazen remarks by Khamenei and Velayati today in Tehran against the European Union and its decisions once again proved the veracity of the Iranian Resistance's position that any appeasement of the mullahs would only embolden them to pursue their policy of coercion and blackmail. This is particularly so because the European Union's decisions were the least and the most cautious reaction possible following the Berlin Court's guilty verdict on the leaders of the mullahs' regime.

The NCR President added: Khamenei has now taken a new step forward and threatened the EU with "a very severe and firm response." Reacting to Mr. Kinkel's remarks and his haste to return the German ambassador to Iran, and restore ties with Tehran, Khamenei rejected the offer and said: "Do not allow the German ambassador to come to Iran for the time being."

Mr. Rajavi reiterated: In response to the mullahs' astounding lawlessness, all political and trade ties with this regime must be severed immediately, their state terrorism referred to the U.N. Security Council and the files of assassination of Iranian dissidents in other European capitals reopened. The clerical regime's leaders must be tried by an international tribunal; the very mullahs who have been recently convicted for their terrorist crimes by the Berlin Court and condemned by the various U.N. bodies in 40 resolutions for human rights violations, suppression and terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
May 1, 1997

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