Intelligence Ministry agents savagely murder 70-year-old pro-Mojahedin tradesman in Qouchan

Haj Issa A'emmi, 70, a renowned and highly respected tradesman in Qouchan (northeastern Iran) was murdered at his shop on April 3, by agents of the regime's Ministry of Intelligence, reports say. He was stabbed 16 times.

Mr. A'emmi spent three years in prison under torture for supporting the Mojahedin and granting them financial assistance. Once released, the regime continued to pressure and harass him.

His eldest son, Mr. Mahmoud A'emmi, is a member of the National Council of Resistance and a political prisoner of the shah's time. He was the Mojahedin's candidate from Qouchan in the 1980 parliamentary elections. Haj A'emmi's other son, Mohammad, disappeared in January and his family's efforts to find him have been to no avail.

Thousands of people from Qouchan attended Mr. A'emmi's funeral, expressing their outrage over this atrocious murder by the mullahs' medieval regime.

The Intelligence Ministry has warned the A'emmi family to make it appear as if he died of a heart attack. The Ministry routinely murders political opponents and reports the cases as ordinary homicide.

The National Council of Resistance extends its condolences to the A'emmi family and calls on the U.N. Human Rights Commission and other relevant international organizations to investigate this atrocity and take action to save the life of Mohammad A'emmi.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
May 2, 1997

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