Dutch Parliament's resolution on expulsion of mullahs' military attache from Holland lauded

The Dutch parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution yesterday, calling for the expulsion of the Iranian embassy's military attache from Holland.

The National Council of Resistance welcomes the initiative of the Parliament of the Netherlands. Such a decisive call for a practical and necessary measure against the mullahs' regime is indicative of the repugnance and disgust of the representatives of the people of Holland towards the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran.

The National Council of Resistance urges the Dutch Government to fulfill the wishes of Parliament and expel from Holland the mullahs' military attache, who is among the regime's intelligence and terrorist agents.

As thousands of Iranians supporting the Resistance declared in their rally outside Kirschberg in Luxembourg, where the EU foreign ministers met on April 29, firmness is the only sound policy vis-a-vis the terrorist, repressive regime in Tehran. Any policy based on appeasement of the mullahs' regime is doomed to fail.

Reiterating the articles outlined in the letter by NCR President Massoud Rajavi to the foreign ministers of the European Union, the National Council of Resistance urges the Government of the Netherlands, as president of the European Union, to take the lead towards the severance of diplomatic and trade ties with the mullahs' regime, referral of the mullahs' state-sponsored terrorism to the UN Security Council, reopening of the files of assassination of Iranian dissidents in different European countries, and prosecution of the mullahs' leaders in an international tribunal.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
May 14, 1997

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