European Parliament Declares Its Support For Iran's Democratic Opposition And Calls On European Union to Establish Dialogue With Opposition

In a resolution ratified today, the European Parliament while expressing its solidarity with the victims of the Iranian regime's terrorism, announced that it "supports all the democrats opposed to the present Iranian regime who are fighting to establish a truly democratic and secular state in Iran."

By noting the Berlin court's verdict that affirmed the direct role of the mullah regime's political and religious leadership in state-sponsored terrorism, the resolution urges the European Union "to put a definite end to the 'critical dialogue' with the regime and to enhance dialogue with all those promoting to transformation of Iran into a democratic state."

The resolution also condemned "in the sharpest possible terms the persistent acts of state terrorism perpetrated by the Iranian government at home and abroad."

The National Council of Resistance considers the European Parliament's resolution in line with recognising the Iranian people's right to resist against the clerical dictatorship. This was stipulated in the April 24 letter of Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the NCR President, to the EU foreign ministers' summit in Luxembourg. The resolution also indicates the end of any hope for the regime's moderation from within.

While welcoming this decision of the European people's representatives, the NCR stipulates the need for severing all the diplomatic and trade relationship with this regime, referring the issues of its terrorism and human rights violations to the United Nations Security Council for adoption of binding measures and activating the other files on the mullahs terrorism.

Undertaking such steps, which have been addressed in the letter of the NCR President to EU foreign ministers, are necessary for an effective and comprehensive policy vis-a-vis the mullahs' terrorist- religious dictatorship.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran- Paris
15 May 1997

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