Khatami promises to continue enmity towards peace and export of terrorism

The remarks yesterday by Mohammad Khatami in his first press conference showed that despite the ballyhoo raised by some western media, he lacks any power and all the decisions and policies are determined by the mullahs' leader, Khamenei. Khatami is not different from other leaders of the regime in the very basic policies at home and abroad.

Khatami made some general statements about freedom and said they are allowed only if they "do not interfere with the foundations of Islam and rights of the public." His remarks are nothing new. For 18 years, Khomeini and his heirs have been committing the most horrendous crimes against the people of Iran under the name of Islam.

Losing no opportunity to praise Khamenei, Khatami repeatedly affirmed that he is first and foremost absolutely obedient to Khamenei's orders.

As regards foreign policy, Khatami emphasized that he will continue the regime's policy of enmity to the Middle East Peace Process.

These comments by Khatami reaffirmed that the mullahs' regime is incapable of any reform and that the only way to establish democracy in Iran and peace and stability in the region is the overthrow the mullahs' regime and all of its internal factions and the coming to power of its democratic alternative, the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
May 28, 1997

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