Iranian Resistance welcomes EU ambassadors not returning to Tehran

The National Council of Resistance of Iran welcomes the European Union reaffirming its decision not to return its ambassadors to Iran. The NCR views scaling down and severing all diplomatic ties with the mullahs as being indispensable to counter the Khomeini regime's state terrorism.

Speaking on behalf of the EU foreign ministers yesterday, Mr. Hans van Mierlo, the Dutch Foreign Minister, reiterated that the conditions were still unsuitable to return the EU ambassadors to Iran.

The experience of the past 18 years shows that placating policies toward and appeasement of the medieval regime ruling Iran only embolden it to crack down at home and export terrorism abroad.

The clerical regime has so far been censured in 40 resolutions by various United Nations organs. A Court in Berlin convicted its leaders for their role in the murder of Iranian dissidents.

A correct policy vis-a-vis the Iranian regime would therefore include severing all diplomatic and trade ties, referring their state terrorism to the UN Security Council, reopening the files of assassination of Iranian dissidents in different European countries, and prosecuting the clerical regime's leaders before an international tribunal.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
June 3, 1997

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