Swiss Parliament calls for reactivating case on Kazem Rajavi's assassination

In a statement to the Swiss Confederation, on the seventh anniversary of the assassination of Professor Kazem Rajavi, the NCR representative in Switzerland, a majority in the Parliament of Switzerland (116 MPs) called for the reopening of the case on the April 1990 assassination near Geneva of Professor Rajavi.

The statement was made public today in a press conference at the Parliament in Bern by Mr. Victor Ruffy, Chairman of the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee. The deputies urged the Confederation and Judiciary of Switzerland to take the necessary steps regarding the Iranian government's refusal to hand over two of the killers whom the French government regrettably returned to Iran.

Dr. Saleh Rajavi, representative of the National Council of Resistance in France and Switzerland, was present at the press conference. He pointed out: "The consensus among deputies from different parties over this statement clearly reflects the Swiss citizens' desire for adopting a decisive policy against the Iranian regime."

In a message to the Swiss parliamentarians, the NCR President Massoud Rajavi offered his gratitude and described their decisive stance as a testament to the aware conscience of the people of Switzerland in defense of human rights and democracy and their resolve to combat terrorism.

In a telegram this morning to the President of the Swiss Confederation, he wrote: On behalf of the Iranian people and Resistance, I call upon you to personally intervene to ensure that no political or practical consideration would impede reactivating this case, even if it entails the trial of the perpetrators in absentia, as suggested by many attorneys and judges.

In their statement, the Swiss deputies described critical dialogue as a futile policy and concluded: "The removal of Rafsanjani, in whom some in the West had naively invested in previous years, reaffirms that the notion of moderation within this regime is but a mirage."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
June 12, 1997

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