Mr. Rajavi calls for extradition of Dr. Kazem Rajavi's killers, trade sanctions on mullahs

In separate telegrams this morning to the Secretary General of the United Nations and the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, called for exerting pressure on the Tehran regime to extradite two of the killers of Dr. Rajavi to Switzerland and imposing trade sanctions on the mullahs.

Mr. Rajavi referred to yesterday's comments by Mr. Roland Chatelain, the investigative magistrate in the case of the April 24, 1990 assassination in Coppet of Dr. Kazem Rajavi by terrorists dispatched from Tehran, that "a senior official of the Tehran government" had issued the order for the murder.

The NCR President urged the UN Secretary General and the Security Council to "employ the effective means at their disposal to pressure Iran's rulers to extradite the killers of Dr. Rajavi to Swiss Judiciary."

Mr. Rajavi added: Persistent human rights abuses, export of terrorism and blatant disregard for the UN resolutions in the last 15 years, necessitates as never before severing trade and diplomatic ties with the clerical regime by the world community and putting on trial its leaders in an international tribunal.

In his telegram to the President of the Swiss Confederation, the NCR President called on him to ensure that no political or executive consideration would impede reactivating the case, even if it entail the trial in absentia of the perpetrators.

On the seventh anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Rajavi, 116 members of the Swiss Parliament "stressed the need to reopen this case and pursue and punish those authorizing and carrying out this murder." They also called on the Swiss Confederation and Judiciary to undertake the necessary steps in the face of Tehran mullahs' refusal to extradite two of the killers who were regrettably returned to Iran by the French government." The parliamentary initiative was announced in a press conference in Bern by Mr. Victor Ruffy, the Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman.

During his investigation, Judge Chatelain concluded that "one or more official Iranian services had taken part in Mr. Kazem Rajavi's murder" and "the 13 agents involved all traveled on Iranian service passports marked on assignment."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
June 13, 1997

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