Massoud Rajavi: Instead of denying facts and engaging in rhetoric, clerical regime must hand over 13 identified killers

The Swiss investigative magistrate, Judge Roland Chatelain, announced that the order to assassinate Prof. Kazem Rajavi was issued by "a senior Tehran government official." Also "noting the direct role of the Tehran regime's leaders in state terrorism," a statement issued by a majority in the Federal Parliament of Switzerland called for "a reconsideration of the case of the assassination of Professor Kazem Rajavi." Reacting hastily through its embassy in Bern, the clerical regime denied "the accusations by the Mojahedin terrorist group in the Swiss media," "reproved" the majority members of the Swiss Parliament, and expressed its "indignation" toward their statement.

In the statement, a majority of the deputies had urged the Swiss Confederation and the Judiciary to take the necessary steps regarding the Iranian government's refusal to hand over two of the killers whom the then French government regrettably returned to Iran in December 1993. The National Council of Resistance President Massoud Rajavi described the parliamentary initiative as "a testament to the aware conscience of the people of Switzerland in defense of human rights and democracy and their resolve to combat terrorism."

The NCR President described the mullah regime's denial as an extremely impudent and at the same time frantic reaction by the criminal rulers of Iran vis-a-vis the stances by Judge Chatelain and a majority of Swiss Parliamentarians. He added: They have a cause for concern now that the wheels of justice are beginning to roll.

Mr. Rajavi stressed: Instead of denying the facts, the ruling theocracy must hand over to the Swiss Judiciary the two killers, who were returned to Tehran, as well as 11 other identified terrorists involved in the assassination. Otherwise their rhetoric about "engage in judicial cooperation with Switzerland... to clarify the matter" is but an attempt to evade justice.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
June 14, 1997

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