Iranian Resistance calls on international community to show its will in defending human rights and confronting terrorism

Following the G-7 statement against export of terrorism by the Khomeini regime, the spokesman of the mullahs' Foreign Ministry made a preposterous reaction this morning, describing the regime as "the real victim of terrorism, supported by some foreign countries."

Terribly alarmed at the international activities of the Resistance, including the demonstration by Iranians in front of the G-7 summit in Denver, Iran's ruling religious, terrorist dictatorship has used its Foreign Ministry spokesman to ask foreign countries "to not allow the supporters of terrorist organizations" to continue their activities.

Tehran's criminal rulers are in an obvious act of blackmail demanding that the industrial countries limit the freedom of action of the supporters and activists of the Iranian Resistance who enjoy the sacred right to asylum.

The appeasement of Iran's ruling theocracy by some Western countries has encouraged the regime in adopting such shameless positions and emboldened the mullahs in their continuation of suppression and export of terrorism.

Recalling the April 10 verdict by the Court of Berlin and the recent remarks by the Swiss investigative magistrate which confirm the responsibility of the regime's leaders in the assassination of opponents in other countries, the National Council of Resistance reiterates: The time has come for the international community to show its will in confronting terrorism and defending human rights and democracy by adopting a decisive policy and imposing comprehensive trade and diplomatic sanctions against the mullahs' regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
June 24, 1997

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