Iranian Resistance calls on Austrian government to arrest two Iranian officials responsible for mass executions in Iran
- Two torturers on visit to Vienna as special guests of Iran embassy

Two terrorist agents of the clerical regime, both high-ranking officials in Tehran's Evin Prison who have been directly involved in the torture and execution of numerous political prisoners in recent years, are currently in Austria on a secret assignment as special guests of the Iranian embassy in Vienna. One of the two is Ruhollah, the notorious interrogator in Evin Prison's Branch 6.

The two officials have a long record in the suppression of Resistance forces and sympathizers in Iran. The regime has sent them to Europe for identification of Iranian refugees as part of a terrorist plan. Their host in the embassy in Vienna who follows up their assignment is Mohammad Hossein Ashtiani, an Iranian diplomat-terrorist who is himself a member of the Ministry of Intelligence (secret police). The torturers are staying at Vienna's Ambassador Hotel, room numbers 414 and 405.

The Iranian Resistance emphatically calls on the Austrian government, judicial and police authorities to immediately arrest and prosecute the two terrorist torturers and executioners. There are numerous private complainants among the families of political prisoners who have been tortured or executed by these two men.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
July 6, 1997

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