Mullahs' regime's terrorists attack Iranian Resistance supporters in Norway with petrol bombs

Terrorists sent by the mullahs' regime in Iran attacked at 3:00 PM, on Saturday, July 5, a book exhibition of the Iranian Resistance and the three Resistance supporters attending to it with petrol bombs from only meters away at Oslo City, the main shopping center in downtown Oslo. The explosion and the ensuing fire destroyed all the books, journals and other publications put on public display in the exhibition. Fortunately, the terrorists' plan to burn the three Resistance supporters to death was neutralized and none of the three was seriously injured. The terrorists shouted slogans in Farsi in favor of the mullahs' regime and abused the Iranian Resistance before throwing the bombs.

Following last week's declaration by a majority (84 members) in the Norwegian parliament - the Storting - of their support for the Iranian Resistance and its President-elect Maryam Rajavi, the mullahs' embassy in Oslo received orders from Tehran to carry out a terrorist attack against the Iranian Resistance in Norway. The attack was supervised by Mostafa Badparva, one of the diplomat-terrorists in the regime's embassy in Oslo and the Intelligence Ministry's chief agent in the embassy. Badparva came to Norway after the Norwegian government's expulsion of Movahhedi, another diplomat-terrorist who was involved in the 1995 assassination attempt against the Norwegian publishing magnate, William Nygaard.

The Iranian Resistance calls on the Norwegian government and judicial authorities to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of Saturday's cowardly crime and close down the regime's embassy in Oslo, which acts as a center for espionage and terrorism.

The National Council of Resistance calls on all political, literary, cultural, religious and social personalities and all associations and organizations advocating human rights and freedom of speech, especially in Norway, to condemn this brutal terrorist crime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
July 7, 1997

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