Iranian Resistance demands French cancel half-a-billion dollar credits and guarantees to mullahs

The National Council of Resistance of Iran strongly condemns the granting of a half-a-billion dollar credit by the French Socie't General to five banks in Iran, as well as the government-run COFACE guarantee of this credit.

The NCR demands that France refrain from going forward with this decision which runs counter to the highest interests of the people of Iran.

Violations of human rights and export of terrorism by the mullahs have so far been condemned in 40 resolutions by various organs of the United Nations. Granting such credits to the criminal mullahs only emboldens the regime in continuing its atrocities in Iran and abroad and is a blatant affront to the international community.

Such concessions are tantamount to sacrificing the principles of human rights for petty economic interests and turning a blind eye on the execution and torture of opponents, savage repression of women, censorship, suppression of intellectuals in Iran, and terrorism and bombings abroad.

The French action comes at a time when the executions of political prisoners are taking on new dimensions. A Swiss judge reaffirmed late last month that the highest officials of the mullahs' regime were involved in the April 1990 assassination of Professor Kazem Rajavi, the NCR representative in Switzerland.

The National Council of Resistance believes that this concession to the criminal mullahs is in line with the same policy by the French government which returned, under the pretext of "state interests" and in breach of all international principles, two of the murderers of Professor Rajavi to Iran in December 1993 instead of extraditing them to Switzerland.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
July 9, 1997

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