Iranian Resistance welcomes expulsion of mullahs' spy and intelligence agent from France, calls for exposure of further details

In the afternoon of July 6, the Government of France expelled Mohammad Reza Karami Mowlaii, an agent of the Intelligence Ministry of the mullahs' regime, from that country.

Karami resided in France as a Ph.D. student of Mechanical Engineering. Karami's assignments from the Intelligence Ministry were two folds. Passing scientific information to the Intelligence Ministry and establishing contact with fundamentalist groups from Islamic countries. Karami had already passed some classified documents on science and technology to the Intelligence Ministry, reports say.

Karami also headed the students of the pro-regime Islamic Association in Nancy, using them to fulfill the abovesaid missions.

Upon his arrival, Karami immediately settled in the Intelligence Ministry in Tehran and has not yet visited his relatives who reside in Mashhad. The Iranian regime is preparing to return him through negotiations with the French Government.

The Iranian Resistance welcomes the expulsion of intelligence agents of the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship, in accordance with the April 29, decisions of the European Unionin Luxembourg. The NCR urges the French Government to expose Karami's records, his espionage and links with fundamentalist terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
July 9, 1997

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