European Union must give priority to human rights and international principles, cut relations with mullahs' regime

The National Council of Resistance of Iran denounces the gesture by foreign ministers of the European Union over the participation of their ambassadors in the inauguration of the mullahs' new president. The NCR believes this act of appeasement will result in stepped-up domestic repression and export of terrorism by the mullahs.

Following the verdict by a court in Berlin and the remarks by a Swiss magistrate blaming the Iranian regime's leaders for direct responsibility in the assassination of their opponents abroad, such a stance will only convey to the criminal mullahs the message that they have free rein to export terror and murder to European territory with impunity.

Pinning hope on this regime's moderation or reform is but an illusion. Having served as the Minister of "Guidance" for 10 years, Mohammad Khatami, the mullahs' new president, was the regime's chief censor. In addition, he reiterated that the survival of the clerical theocracy depends on "expansionism," or export of fundamentalism. In 1989, Khatami reiterated that the only solution to the problem of Salman Rushdie is his execution.

The recent elections farce in Iran led to the creation of a triumvirate at the top, aggravating the regime's internal conflicts and expediting the pace of events towards the regime's overthrow by the National Liberation Army. Any political or economic investment in this regime, is therefore, doomed to fail.

A correct and principled policy towards this regime is severing all diplomatic and trade ties and referring the mullahs' export of terrorism and violations of human rights to the UN Security Council for the adoption of binding measures.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
July 24, 1997

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