Power struggle over Ministry of Intelligence
- Khamenei tries to secure control over Ministry of Intelligence (VEVAK) by transforming it into an Intelligence Organization

According to reports from within the Khomeini regime, Khamenei and his faction in the Majlis are planning to submit a bill with two-starred priority to the parliament, soon. According to the bill, the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (VEVAK) will be changed to the Organization for Intelligence and Security, under the direct supervision of the Vali-e Faqih, i.e. Ali Khamenei.

Appointing the Minister of Intelligence has been one of the main subjects of dispute between Khamenei and Khatami. Khamenei insists on appointing one of his own confidants to head the ministry. If he does not succeed in doing so, Khamenei's faction will submit the bill to the Majlis and wrest the control of the ministry from Khatami by changing it into an organization.

Other factions in the Majlis are reported to be vehemently opposed to this decision. The action shows that feuding within the regime has taken on unprecedented dimensions particularly after Khatami's election and the regime's new triumvirate leadership.

With an astronomical budget and a vast organization, the Ministry of Intelligence is the most powerful ministry in the regime and the most important instrument of repression and enforcement of the mullahs' rule. This ministry has traditionally received its orders from Khamenei and reported directly to him. Khamenei has used this organ to crack down on his opponents among the clerics and spy against cabinet ministers and other officials of the regime.

The submission of this bill to the Majlis will be an unprecedented measure to formalize unrestricted and unconditional freedom of action for the regime's intelligence apparatus to suppress the public and export terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
August 11, 1997

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