Office of a monthly magazine in Tehran attacked

A group of agents of the mullahs' regime yesterday attacked and razed the office of a monthly magazine, Iran-e Farda, in Tehran. They shattered all the windows and destroyed the furniture and equipment existing in the office.

This attack in the second week of Khatami's presidency is yet another indication that the religious, terrorist dictatorship ruling Iran is not prone to any reform, and that Khatami is neither willing nor capable of any change in the status quo.

Iran-e Farda is published by Ezzatollah Sahabi, former minister of budget and planning under the Khomeini regime, who has always acted within the framework of the government and never opposed its policies of repression and export of terrorism.

In another development, Ata'ollah Mohajerani, Khatami's nominee for Minister of Guidance, yesterday announced that he is opposed to "any talks between Iran and the United States." The same day, Ettela'at daily revealed that Mohajerani was the first regime official to endorse the fatwa in 1989 for Salman Rushdie's death.

The developments of the past two weeks, including the bloody crackdown of the uprising in Fars Province, execution of Mr. Mohammad Assadi, attorney at law, stoning of a young woman in Boukan, public hangings, assassination of Iranian Kurds in the Iraqi Kurdistan, raiding the office of a monthly magazine, etc. further prove the futility of hopes by some domestic and international circles for any "reform" or "rule of law" during Khatami's tenure.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
August 17, 1997

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