In telegram to President of Swiss Federation, Rajavi calls for trial in absentia of principals and perpetrators of his brother's murder

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance, sent a telegram to Arnold Koller, President of the Swiss Confederation and Minister of Justice, expressing concern over the schemes by the mullahs' regime to prevent re-opening of the assassination case of his brother, Professor Kazem Rajavi. He urged Mr. Koller to address and expose the matter of espionage surrounding this case, and to arrange for the prosecution in absentia of the principals and perpetrators of this assassination.

Reports from Iran indicate that the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship has been doing its utmost in the recent months to prevent the Swiss Judiciary's re-activation of Prof. Kazem Rajavi's case. The regime's Supreme National Security Council has discussed this matter in various sessions in recent months.

After the Berlin Court verdict, the regime's officials have been determined to allocate all their political, diplomatic and even economic resources to prevent another censure by the Swiss courts.

The NCR President wrote in his telegram: The rapid and questionable release of a high-ranking member of the Swiss Police, who reportedly played a very active role in spying on Prof. Rajavi and providing information to the bloody rulers of Iran before his assassination, is further cause of concern. Ironically, the news of this release was not announced by any official sources but reported, one month later, by a newspaper. This makes the matter all the more difficult to understand.

Contrary to all recognized standards, the attorney for this policewoman, for years and until recently, was the attorney for the Rajavi family and had access to the details of Prof. Rajavi's case, something which violates the minimum principles of neutrality in legal judgment.

The spokesman for the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office announced on July 3 that "a majority of Swiss parliamentarians announced that they have a plethora of evidence, implicating the Iranian government in the assassination of Kazem Rajavi. This evidence is stronger than those presented during the Mykonos trial in Berlin."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
August 28, 1997

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