Khatami displays regime's fear of Iranian Resistance

In remarks reported by the mullahs' news agency yesterday, Mohammad Khatami, the mullahs' President, displayed his fear over the Iranian people's widespread support for the activities of Resistance forces inside Iran and the increasing credibility of the Iranian Resistance at the international level.

While political and judicial organs in different countries have stressed upon the mullahs' role as the Godfather of state terrorism, Khatami described the Iranian Resistance as being terrorist and brazenly called upon western countries not to support the Resistance movement. He was referring to the support last month by a majority in the United States Congress and by many parliaments in Europe for the National Council of Resistance and its President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

Khatami's comments come at a time when a German Federal court issued a ruling in April, stating that the leaders of the Iranian regime had ordered the assassinations of Iranian dissidents abroad. Two months later, a Swiss judge declared that the Tehran regime's highest ranking officials were involved in the murder in April 1990 near Geneva of Professor Kazem Rajavi, brother of the Iranian Resistance's Leader.

Most new officials in the mullahs' Foreign Ministry have in previous years been involved in terrorist activities. Mohammad Ali Hadi Najafabadi, a deputy to Kamal Kharrazi, the new Foreign Minister, directly oversaw the murder of Prof. Rajavi and had gone to Geneva a few days before the crime. The cases on the regime's terrorist activities in other countries, including Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, Norway, etc., are under review.

Since Khatami was elected as president, the mullahs' terrorists have attacked a base of the National Liberation Army of Iran near the Iraqi city of Kut and murdered at least six Iranian Kurdish dissidents and wounded many more.

During this period, the uprising by the people in Nayriz in the Fars province and the protest by residents in eastern Tehran were brutally suppressed. So far tens of thousands have been executed only for sympathizing with the Mojahedin or distributing statements or taking part in peaceful demonstrations. Yet, the mullahs' president has invited Iranians to return, a ludicrous scheme that beguiles no-one.

Having offered 100,000 martyrs to the cause of democracy in Iran, the Iranian people's just Resistance has consistently and decisively condemned terrorism and the massacre of innocent civilians under whatever form or pretext. Accusing a Resistance movement, supported by the vast majority of the Iranian people, of terrorism, pursues no aim other than tarnishing the image of this legitimate Resistance and paving the way for political and economic dealings with some foreign interlocutors.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
August 31, 1997

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