Rajavi urges EU leaders to boycott mullahs' regime

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance, sent a telegram this morning to the leaders of the European Union and urged them to adopt a decisive policy and impose trade and diplomatic sanctions against the mullahs, thereby putting an end to the regime's abuse of international silence and apathy.

In this telegram which addressed the European leaders on the eve of the EU foreign ministers' meeting, Mr. Rajavi said: There is talk about the return of EU ambassadors to Tehran and meeting with the mullahs' Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, while the torture and execution of dissidents and export of terrorism by Iran's ruling theocracy is taking on new dimensions every day. In the month that has passed since the inauguration of the regime's new President, at least 30 persons have been executed in public, the regime's agents attacked with rockets a base camp of the Iranian Resistance in Iraq, six Iranian dissidents were murdered by the mullahs' terrorists in Iraqi Kurdistan, the uprising of the people of East Tehran and Nayriz in Fars Province were put down in blood, and hundreds of protesters arrested in these uprisings are presently on the death row.

The NCR President pointed out that Khatami has emphasized the need to use violence to preserve the existence of the regime and made any freedom conditional upon one's "adherence to Islam," under which pretext the mullahs have committed the most horrible crimes against the Iranian people for the past 18 years.

Mr. Rajavi briefly reviewed the suppressive and terrorist record of the ministers and members of Khatami's government. He emphasized that Khatami's cabinet will continue the regime's past policies and oppose the Middle East peace process under the supervision of the Vali-e Faqih (or the mullahs' supreme leader).

The possibility of finding "moderates" within the mullahs' regime was tested once before, 12 years ago, and the notion was buried with the Irangate scandal, Mr. Rajavi added. Regrettably, however, he said, that experience did not prevent many western circles from searching for the mirage of moderation and the price has been paid so far by the people of Iran and their beloved ones who have fallen victim to this regime.

The NCR President referred to the verdict by the German Federal Court in Berlin and the statements by a Swiss magistrate that have confirmed the direct role of the highest officials of the mullahs' regime in the assassination of Iranian opponents abroad.

Mr. Rajavi concluded: Five months have passed since the EU foreign ministers' meeting in Luxembourg and yet no changes have been observed in the clerical regime's repressive and terrorist behavior. Therefore, the return of EU ambassadors or any meetings with the Khomeini regime's officials run counter to the decisions made by the foreign ministers' April 29 meeting in Luxembourg and will be interpreted by Tehran's criminal rulers as a sign of weakness and a green light for further bloodshed in Iran and abroad.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
September 4, 1997

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