Iranian Resistance lauds French deputies' call to sever ties with mullahs

The Iranian Resistance lauds the announcement by some 30 French parliamentarians and a large number of labor union leaders, academics and human rights organizations, opposing the resumption of diplomatic ties between France and the mullahs' regime.

This courageous initiative reflects the aware conscience of the people of France in defense of human rights and against the theocratic regime in Iran.

The French dignitaries signed a petition, urging their government not to allow the return of France's ambassador to Iran and the resumption of diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime so long as it has not formally stopped supporting terrorism and assassinating its opponents, and had not revoked the death decree against Salman Rushdie."

In June and July, in similar statements, parliament majorities in Norway, Italy, The United States and Switzerland emphasized the need to adopt a decisive policy against the mullahs ruling Iran and to support the Iranian people's Resistance.

The measure by the French deputies coincides with the return yesterday of the representative of the European Union from Iran who had traveled there to discuss normalization of relations, but to no avail.

As the Iranian Resistance has repeatedly stressed, dialogue with the mullahs' medieval regime is doomed to failure. A principled policy towards the Tehran regime entails severing diplomatic and economic ties with, and referring the long record of terrorism and violation of human rights by, this regime to the United Nations Security Council for the adoption of binding punishments.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
September 8, 1997

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