Over 1,000 workers in Isfahan go on strike

More than 1,000 workers of Isfahan's Mohaya-Gaz factory gathered in protest in front of the city's Labor Department on Saturday, September 13, reports from Iran say.

The protesters were suppressed by the Guards Corps and the Ministry of Intelligence whose agents beat up the workers and arrested and imprisoned a large number of them. No information is available on the fate of those arrested.

Mohaya-Gaz workers have not received any salaries for months, yet their protests have remained unanswered.

Like many other factories in Iran, Mohaya-Gaz factory has virtually become bankrupt due to astronomical embezzlements and economic mismanagement under the mullahs' regime. The factory's production line is idle most of the time.

The National Council of Resistance draws the attention of international workers' organizations and labor unions to the flagrant violations of the rights of Iranian workers and their intolerable work and living conditions. The NCR further urges these unions and organizations to intervene to save the lives of the arrested workers.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
September 18, 1997

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