Mr. Rajavi: Mullahs' false claims are in reaction to global condemnation of air raids on Iranian Resistance bases

Four days after the air strike against two basecamps of the National Liberation Army of Iran and the ensuing condemnation and outrage in Iran and on the regional and international levels, the Khomeini regime made the preposterous claim that the attacks were in response to the penetration of two groups of Mojahedin to the cities of Qasr-e Shirin and Mehran in western Iran. The claim came in the regime's letter to the UN Secretary General.

In a telegram to the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Kofi Annan, Mr. Massoud Rajavi, President of the National Council of Resistance, categorically denied the claims by the clerical regime, describing them as a desperate bid to evade international consequences of the attacks.

Mr. Rajavi said: It is not clear that if the air strikes were indeed in retaliation to an incursion into Iran by the Mojahedin the same day, why did the regime not refer to them when it first accepted responsibility for the air raids 14 hours later.

The regime's Air Force launched air strikes on two basecamps of the Iranian Resistance at 7 a.m. on September 29. The Arab League, France, the United States and many other countries condemned these criminal attacks.

Mr. Rajavi pointed out in his telegram: It is not the first time that the mullahs' regime fabricates such lies. When in April 1992, the Iranian Air Force attacked the NLA's Ashraf camp with 13 fighter-bombers, the regime falsely claimed that the Mojahedin had attacked two border villages. At the time, the Iranian Resistance presented UN officials with documents on the mullahs' stage-managing of the alleged attack.

Citing information from within the Khomeini regime, the NCR President said: The decision for the air strikes was made well in advance. The regime Thunder-9 air force maneuver, staged two weeks before the attack, had been organized to prepare for these operations against NLA. Moreover, the commander and operational commander of the regime's Air Force flew to Vahdati Air Force Base in Dezful (southwestern Iran), the day before the air raids to oversee the attack.

Mr. Rajavi emphasized: The Khomeini regime's claims reflect the regime's fear of the domestic, regional and international repercussions of its Monday strikes at NLA basecamps, and also its intention to prepare the grounds for further acts of aggression.

The NCR President urged the UN Secretary General and Security Council members to react decisively and impose trade and diplomatic sanctions on the mullahs and not allow the regime's violation of international law and its flagrant aggression to go unanswered.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
October 3, 1997

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