Mr. Rajavi lauds Labour Party Conference resolution condemning the mullahs' regime as courageous, admirable initiative in defence of human rights

Mr. Massoud Rajavi, the President of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, welcomed the adoption of the Labour Party Conference resolution, condemning the violation of human rights, the export of terrorism and fundamentalism and supporting the Iranian people's Resistance to establish democracy in Iran.

The NCR President described the resolution as a courageous and admirable initiative by the Labour Party, its leadership and its members in defence of human rights principles and against the continuing atrocities of the clerical regime in and out of Iran.

Referring to the regime's unabated crimes, including the air strike against two basecamps of the Iranian Resistance last Monday, Mr. Rajavi called on the British Prime Minister and the Labour Party leader to take practical steps in implementing the contents of this resolution, including the adoption of sanctions against the mullahs' regime by the United Nations Security Council.

In a letter to Mr. Tony Blair, on the eve of the Labour Party Conference, the NCR President wished success for the Conference and expressed the hope that the British Government would play an ever more active role in combating terrorism and fundamentalism, and adopt a more decisive policy in confronting Iran's ruling theocracy as the prime sponsor of international terrorism and main source of export of crisis to the Middle East and the world.

A delegation headed by Ms. Beheshteh Shadrou, the NCR representative in Britain, took part in the Labour Party's annual conference in Brighton.

The resolution, adopted unanimously, calls on Leadership of the Labour Party and the British Government to "persuade the European Union not to return their ambassadors to Iran so long as the UN Human Rights Commission and General Assembly continue with their condemnation of the violations of human rights in Iran."

The resolution also urges the British Government to "initiate a firm policy by the EU countries towards the fundamentalist regime in Iran, to support the Iranian people's Resistance to establish democracy in Iran" and "consider the Tehran regime's terrorism and adoption of international measures against it."

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
October 3, 1997

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