Thirteenth assassination in Iraqi Kurdistan since Khatami's presidency

Four terrorists of the mullahs' regime opened fire on a vehicle belonging to the dissident Iranian Kurdish group, Khabat, at noon on Saturday October 18. The incident took place on Sulaymania-Kirkuk road and one of Khabat peshmargas, Taher Faizi, was murdered in this attack.

The National Council of Resistance condemns this terrorist crime and draws the attention of the international community to the terrorist operations of Iran's fundamentalist regime and its freedom of action in the Iraqi Kurdistan, which has taken on drastic dimensions after Khatami became president.

The clerical regime's terrorism in Iraq against the Mojahedin and the National Liberation Army, its unbridled terrorist operations in northern Iraq, as well as its air strikes with nine fighter bombers on two basecamps of the National Liberation Army on September 29 which violated the Security Council Resolution 598 and the no-fly zone, necessitate a decisive international measure against this religious, terrorist dictatorship.

The time has come for the UN Security Council to end its silence and inaction and adopt binding punishments against Iran's ruling theocracy.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
October 21, 1997

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