Power struggle escalates within mullahs' regime

For the first time in the past 19 years, one of the factions of the mullahs' regime issued a call against Khamenei and demanded that the Constitution be revised to impose restrictions on the powers of the Vali-e Faqih, the mullahs' supreme leader.

The remarks were made by the leader of the Students' Islamic Union, one of the regime's organs of suppression, following a demonstration by members of this group in front of the Tehran University. This development reflects another round of escalation in the mullahs' internal feuding, which has taken on unprecedented dimensions especially after the regime's presidential elections farce which led to a three-man leadership.

The leader of the Students' Islamic Union called for imposing limits on the duration of the leadership of the Vali-e Faqih and supervision on his conduct by the Assembly of Experts.

The increasing rivalry among the regime's factions which has now extended to Khamenei himself, bespeaks of the disintegration of the regime, as Rafsanjani had warned two months ago.

In another development, the Interior Ministry's state Security Forces raided large parts of residential areas in Tehran and other cities to collect contraband satellite dishes. Clashes erupted and large groups of youths were arrested during these inspections.

The clerical regime has tried vigorously since last summer to jam the satellite broadcasts of the Resistance's television programs, Simay-e Moqavemat.

The recent repressive onslaught clearly shows that this regime does not have the least capacity for reform or change, and that all factions of the regime, including Khatami's, have common views and interests in repression and terrorism.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
October 23, 1997

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