Rajavi calls on Islamic nations to condemn mullahs' regime, change site of Islamic Conference

In separate letters to the leaders of Islamic countries, President of the Organization of Islamic Conference, and chairman of the Arab League, the National Council of Resistance President Massoud Rajavi called on them not to participate in the Islamic Conference session in Tehran.

Mr. Rajavi added: How could the conference of Islamic leaders be held in a country whose rulers create discord among Muslims and cause bloodshed and fratricide - against the teachings of Islam - and are involved in export of chaos and insecurity abroad and to other Islamic countries.

The NCR President reiterated that holding the Islamic Conference in Tehran violates the solidarity of Arab and Islamic nations and encourages this regime to continue and justify its atrocities.

Mr. Rajavi underscored that the regime's September 29 air strike on the basecamps of the National Liberation Army in the no-fly zones, was an act of aggression in flagrant violation of the UN Security Council resolution 598. He added: Tehran's clerical regime is the main cause of tension, and export of terrorism and fundamentalism to the region and wastes no opportunity to advance its bellicose policies. Appeasement emboldens the mullahs to expand their activities to other Islamic and Arab countries.

The NCR President urged the leaders of Islamic countries to change the site of the upcoming session of the Islamic Conference and not allow the Khomeini regime to use the summit for its sinister objectives against Islam and Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran - Paris
October 26, 1997

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