Sixty executed in Iran in past 4 months

The clerical regime has hanged at least 8 persons in recent weeks under various pretexts, reports from Iran say. At least 60 persons have been executed, stoned or hanged in public since Khatami took office in August.

According to the daily, Hamshahri, a man by the name of Rahim was executed in Birjand, eastern Iran, on October 25. Salam daily reported on November 18 that three men were hanged early that morning in Tehran's Qasr prison. On November 19, Kayhan reported the hanging of a man in Sari, northern Iran. On the same day, Hamshahri published another report about the hanging of Hossein Ali-Mohammadi a day before in Shahrood prison, central Iran.

Other reports from Iran indicate that on the morning of November 5, a young man by the name of Kargar, was hanged in public in Jahrom, southern Iran. According to a report on November 17, a 23-year-old man was hanged in Ilam prison.

The National Council of Resistance again draws the attention of international human rights organizations to the increasing number of executions under the mullahs' regime and urges the current session of the UN General Assembly to strongly condemn the ruling theocracy for its flagrant violations of human rights.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 24, 1997

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