Fearing unrest in Montazeri's hometown, Najafabad, mullahs send reinforcements to the city

Fearing unrest in Montazeri's hometown, Najafabad, the clerical regime has requested reinforcements from Isfahan, the provincial capital, and Hamedan, reports from Iran say.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the regime in planning to hold maneuvers in Najafabad to mark the week of the Bassij. The mullahs are concerned that Montazeri's supporters may turn the event into a rally against Khamenei. Montazeri is reported to have many followers within the rank and file of the Bassij and the Guards Corps.

Previously, there had been some reports about unrest and clashes in Isfahan and Najafabad. Pro-Khamenei thugs attacked the house of Jalaleddin Taheri, Isfahan's Friday prayer leader, demanding that he must speak out against Montazeri. They also attacked homes of Montazeri's supporters. The State Security Forces are on full alert in different parts of Isfahan and Najafabad.

Other reports say that Khamenei's faction has increased pressure on opponents of the velayat-e faqih. After classes were canceled this morning, in a rally around the Tehran University campus, the demonstrators were chanting "death to Montazeri and Azari". In recent days, pro-Khamenei newspapers and groups have demanded that rival factions take positions against Montazeri. Otherwise, they will be treated the same.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 25, 1997

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