Montazeri issues new statement against Khamenei, expresses concern over security of Islamic Conference leaders

A few days after the attack on his residence in Qom by agents of the mullahs' Ministry of Intelligence, Montazeri has issued another statement blaming Khamenei for driving the country "to the verge of destruction," reports from Iran say.

Challenging his opponents, Montazeri has stated that he was the one who originally wrote the velayat-e faqih doctrine and that no one can match his authority on this matter.

Montazeri spoke out against the measures taken against him during this period, and added: "Woe to you! Woe to you and the vali-e faqih who has driven this country to the verge of destruction!"

Simultaneously, in a letter to Mohammad Khatami, the regime's new president, Montazeri wrote: "You are a weak administrator. While you cannot run the country, ... and safeguard its security, how are you going to hold the summit of the leaders of Muslim countries? Have you thought about their leaders' security in this chaotic situation? Have you thought about guaranteeing their safety?"

In recent days, Khamenei's faction has launched an unprecedented campaign against the opponents of velayat-e faqih. Mullah Mohammad Yazdi, the head of the Judiciary, and Ali Razini, the head of the first branch of the Special Court for the Clergy, have threatened to put Montazeri on trial.

In many cities in Isfahan province, Khamenei's opponents have destroyed or set fire to the posters and literature distributed against Montazeri.

Meanwhile, mullah Ali Meshkini, the head of the Assembly of Experts, and many other high-ranking clerics stated opposition to the attacks on Montazeri's house and expressed dismay at the measures taken against him.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Ira
November 26, 1997

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