Few days to Islamic summit, power struggle rises among mullahs

Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri, speaker of the mullahs' parliament, demanded yesterday that Montazeri and other dissidents be put on trial and suppressed. He urged the mullahs' Judiciary and security agencies to adopt a harsh approach to "violators and those who jeopardize the national security."

"People can't endanger our national interests and the country's security under the pretext of freedom," Nateq Nouri added. He further stressed that these "schemes and oppositions" can be traced to the "foreign espionage services," including those of the United States.

Like the shah in the final months of his rule, the religious dictatorship ruling Iran attributes popular demonstrations, protests and opposition to "foreign elements."

The speaker of the mullahs' parliament demanded that the Ministry of Intelligence "conduct some intelligence work" and find the "invisible hands of opponents." Iran's criminal rulers are thus preparing the ground for a wave of arrests and crackdown on dissidents.

Such remarks by one of Khamenei's confidants and closest associates, only a few days before the Islamic summit opens in Tehran, reflect the degree to which the regime's internal conflicts have escalated and also the extent of popular opposition to the mullahs' religious, terrorist dictatorship.

Reports from Iran say that most clergymen and theology students have been offended by Khamenei's threats against Montazeri and have denounced the attack on Montazeri's home. The open and secret expressions of opposition to Khamenei and rejection of his religious qualifications by some of his closest associates in recent weeks have badly shaken the regime's religious foundations. Therefore, Khamenei is in dire need of adopting suppressive measures against his opponents to strengthen his weakened position at the top.

Four months into Khatami's presidency and the regime's troika leadership, the mullahs' infighting has escalated to a point of no return, expediting the trend of events in favor of the regime's overthrow by the Iranian Resistance.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 1, 1997

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