More restrictions imposed on Montazeri

Reports from Iran say that the Ministry of Intelligence and the Guards Corps for the last two weeks have surrounded Montazeri's house and prevented all visits to his house since Friday, November 28. Only his two daughters and two sons are allowed to visit him.

The regime's suppressive agents attacked Montazeri's house and teaching quarters on November 19. In a statement issued a few days later, Montazeri wrote: "The head of the Judiciary who is supposed to symbolize the rule of law and justice fanned the flames of this incident. He came to Qom on Wednesday night and gave the orders to fire..."

Montazeri added: "In the logic of these gentlemen, velayat-e faqih is synonymous with ravaging and damaging the people's belongings, tattering books and even the Holy Quran; velayat-e faqih is synonymous with illegal confiscation of one's house and property... With a long record of struggle, I have been the mentor of many of the clergy and the country’s officials. When they treat me like this, you can imagine what happens to innocent and helpless people."

In the past two weeks, many clergymen in Qom have distanced themselves from Khamenei and refused to endorse him. Large groups of dissident clergymen and theology students have been arrested or placed under surveillance.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 2, 1997

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