Anti-government demonstrations in Tehran and other cities under pretext of victory of soccer team

Reports from Iran say that large crowds of people in Tehran, Isfahan, Kermanshah and other cities used the celebrations over the Iranian soccer team's victory as an opportunity to come out into the streets and display indignation and hatred toward the ruling regime. They blocked the streets and clashed with the Guards Corps and Bassij.

Celebrations turned into political demonstrations in various parts of Tehran. The clerical regime dispatched the Guards Corps and Bassij to the streets to disperse the crowd. At several points, however, including Naziabad and Noor street near a sports stadium (south Tehran), people clashed with the suppressive forces, beating them up and turning their vehicles upside down.

Fearful about losing control of the situation, the mullahs' regime canceled the soccer players' welcoming reception at the airport, announcing that it will be held at Azadi Stadium and broadcast live on the television. The regime's security officials have warned the public against a heavy turnout. On many occasions in the past, athletic events have led to anti-government protests.

In Isfahan, scattered protests took place as people demonstrated their profound hatred of the mullahs' regime. Terribly alarmed at the spread of the demonstrations, officials dispatched the State Security Forces to the streets to disperse the crowd. The intervention, however, backfired as people clashed with the Guards.

In Kermanshah the State Security Forces tried to disperse the people and prevent further protests, but met an angry public reaction.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 2, 1997

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